Who Was Muhammad Ali – Part 2 of 2

Who Was Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali, frequently called “The Greatest of All Time”, was so much more than a successful boxer. From his lifelong advocacy for social change to his many humanitarian pursuits, Muhammad Ali had much greater depths than just monumental athleticism. In part 1 we presented a number of facts about Muhammad Ali’s […]

Muhammad Ali – Man, Athlete, and Humanitarian

Muhammad Ali – Man, Athlete, and Humanitarian While the name Muhammad Ali may be synonymous with strength, speed, resilience, and every adjective that defines athletic greatness, the person behind the name based his life on three pillars of integrity that transcended boxing and ultimately became his legacy: Muhammad Ali the MAN, Muhammad Ali the ATHLETE […]

Who Was Muhammad Ali – Part 1

Who Was Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer, Olympic gold medalist and activist. He is ranked as the greatest heavyweight of all time and considered to be one of the most significant and acclaimed sports figures in history. As the first fighter to seize a championship title three times and win 56 […]

Muhammad Ali’s 6 Core Principles

Exactly six years after his death, Muhammad Ali’s voice resonates louder than ever through the very creeds and convictions by which he lived. Muhammad Ali’s foresight from a young age, to live with intention, purpose and mindfulness, is at the root of today’s socialscape and cry for change. He championed kindness above all else, before […]

The Muhammad Ali Center – Carrying Forward The Legacy

Muhammad Ali Center Through the Muhammad Ali Center’s educational programming, initiatives, and partnerships, people of any age can participate in activities and events that will enrich their lives on their personal journeys to greatness. Inspired by the life and times of Muhammad Ali, seen through the lens of his Six Core Principles, educational programming is […]

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