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20% OFF First Order | FREE US Shipping On Orders $100+ SHOP NOW

We are Immersive Storytellers

Genio combines storytelling, technology and multi-media to transform iconic stories into immersive visitor attractions. To give investors and partners peace of mind we have crafted a proven framework that encapsulates the journey from concept development to audience optimization. Using IDEO's Design Thinking framework we have created a unique approach that optimizes audience engagement, commercial viability and technical feasibility.

On each project work diligently to build empathy and understand the unique characteristics of different fans. These insights help us define and immersive event journeys which serve as the blueprint for experience. Drawing on the boundless creative energy of our award-winning creative team we ideate and prototype to bring experience to market at speed. Finally, using our proprietary experience platform we are able to measure, test and fine-tune each venture for sustainable shareholder returns. We host with excellence, evoke the senses, and design experiences that create lasting memories.

Visit www.geniogenio.com to discover more.
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